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—  Entrées  —

All three of our steaks are a full 16 ounces. The Lindey's Special is a finer cut of meat than the Prime Sirloin and the chopped is ground, much like hamburger. 

All 3 of our steak dinners are accompanied by garlic bread, potatoes, salad, sweet pickled watermelon rind, and coffee or tea. If you would like to share a steak for an additional charge, the second person gets garlic bread, potato, and salad, sharing one of the 16 ounce sirloins. 

October through April, the height of crab season, Lindey's offers King Crab Legs. The crab legs come in half pound incriments. Enjoy a full pound King Crab Leg Dinner, which includes garlic bread, potatoes, and salad or add a half pound to your steak dinner



—  Lindey's Special Sirloin —

—  Prime Sirloin —

—  Prime Chopped Sirloin  —

—  Dinner Sharing —

Served From October to April

—  King Crab Legs —
Market Price


—  Dessert  —

—  New York Style Cheese Cake —
strawberry or huckleberry drizzle


—  Reservations  —

Lindey’s seats on a first-come first-serve basis. We do like to know if there is a party of 7 or more and we will do our very best to arrange our dining room to accommodate you. We seat 120 people so if there is a wait it shouldn't be long. You can have a seat in our lounge or on the deck and enjoy an appetizer or a cocktail while you wait.

Please give us a call at 677-9229 if your party is 7 or more.